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25000 руб.

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35100 руб.

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Zinc coffin

It sometimes happens that a person dies far away from home, and it is necessary to repatriate their body, that is, to ship the remains. A zinc coffin, which you can buy at our dedicated service, is a sad necessity for such procedures.


Our company’s range includes several types of zinc coffins that are convenient to use in different cases.


Zinc coffin No. 1. This item may be used both to transport a body and for its burial. The coffin is equipped with convenient carrying handles and a polished surface. 


Zinc coffin No. 2. This model is a zinc box in which the main casket can be placed, and has wooden structures for transport. 


If your financial resources are insufficient to purchase a zinc coffin to transport remains, or if you do not manage to find a suitable coffin for the burial of a body, then you may want to rent one used exclusively to transport remains.


In addition to purchasing a coffin, according to the regulations for transporting remains, you will also need to embalm the body and have a zinc box soldered, which you can also do using the services of Ritual-Service.

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