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25000 руб.

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35100 руб.

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+7 (921) 943-07-58
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The death of a loved one is always a grave loss that’s difficult to accept and endure. And when it happens, we often find it so hard to come to terms with the fact that a loved one is gone, and the pain of such a strong loss, that organizing a farewell ceremony for the deceased is very difficult.  

A funeral is a complex rite that requires friends and relatives to make many decisions: which cemetery to have the burial, what transportation to use to deliver the body and relatives, what rituals to observe, etc. We will help you with all matters related to the funeral, because providing funeral services is our profession.  

Our funeral agency provides a wide range of funeral services in St. Petersburg and the region, specifically:

  1. Executing all documents for cremation, burial, the remains;
  2. Providing hearse transportation (from our own fleet)
  3. Sending and meeting the remains followed by burial, repatriation of the body to the burial place by any mode of transport (road, air, and railway) anywhere in the world; 
  4. Exhumation;
  5. Funeral arrangements, burial of the pall at the cemetery;
  6. Arranging cremation, with subsequent burial of urns;
  7. Wakes in St. Petersburg and the region, both on a visit to the burial place and at a comfortable cafe;
  8. Organizing elite burials (VIP funerals);
  9. Providing funeral supplies (coffins, wreaths, zinc coffins for the remains, and so on). 

Our experienced and empathetic agents will help you navigate this difficult time. Get a consultation on issues concerning:


• Burial and cremation:

    • 8-812-909-05-23
    • 8-812-943-07-58
    • 8-812-969-87-95       

Transport of remains short and long distance:

    • 8-812-969-87-95

• Questions about sending and meeting remains:

    • 8-812-969-87-95
    • 8-812-909-05-23

On our site, you will find useful information without promotional embellishment.

Unquestionably, the loss of a loved one causes irreparable bereavement for relatives of the deceased, but you can make the sendoff on their final journey less painful by organizing a quality ceremony. Our funeral services business, which has extensive experience with all arrangements connected to the funeral business in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, can help you with this. Even if it is for whatever reason not possible to delegate the funeral arrangements to outside professional companies in St. Petersburg that provide funeral services in full, calling on experts is still the efficient way. 

We are prepared to provide all necessary funeral services (funerals, sending and meeting the remains, wakes in St. Petersburg, cremation), hold free consultations, send an agent to your home for free, and help resolve the issues that the family and friends of the deceased cannot resolve alone. No matter what, you will need to purchase funeral supplies and order transportation, and it will be much easier to do so in one place. 

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